• Maruwa and Milnor: Tradition and Innovation Prove for Successful Partnership

    07-10-2016 // 3,184 lượt xem

    “Our new PBW tunnel uses far less water, electricity, and steam, than our other batch washers. These utility savings and increased productivity have allowed us to purchase two new Milnor PulseFlow tunnels (8-module and 12-module), which will be installed this October. Thanks to Milnor and PulseFlow Technology, this welcome addition to our facility will ensure prosperity and workers’ morale for years to come.

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  • Superior Laundry and Milnor: Strong Partnerships Create Unexpected Opportunities

    07-10-2016 // 3,853 lượt xem

    “It’s more than a working relationship; there’s respect there. It’s Dalex’s extra touch that they have that makes me feel like I’m definitely with the right company.” It was this confidence in Milnor and Dalex that gave John the reassurance to reopen Superior Laundry Service only six months after the fire demolished it.

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  • 76028 PBW Tunnel Sales Literature Now Available

    26-08-2016 // 3,057 lượt xem

    For the highest return on investment, the reliability and cost efficiency of our laundry machinery allows a laundry to be more profitable by reducing energy, fresh water consumption, and the necessary labor force in your laundry. The 5-mod 76028 PBW™ is not a new design. Customers around the world have seen unprecedented water, utility, and labor savings since installation.

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  • M-Series Washer-Extractor Brochure Now Available

    26-08-2016 // 3,047 lượt xem

    The brochure details the unique features of the M-Series including: the innovative SmoothCoil™ suspension system, 21° two-way tilting for efficient loading and unloading, intelligent bearing design, and intuitive MilTouch-EX™ touchscreen control.

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